Children are being raped and murdered for protesting for road safety in Bangladesh

Children are being raped and murdered for protesting for road safety in Bangladesh

Two students, waiting for a bus, were run over by public transport vehicles that was racing to get passengers, violating road safety regulations. Due to this, students (as young as ages 12-18) across Bangladesh began PEACEFULLY protesting last week. They also started taking on the job themselves, even catching a minister violating traffic rules.

These students are now being violently beaten, raped and murdered for wanting road safety.




The government's student cell, along with the law enforcement, have been openly committing these henious acts on the government's behest. A goverment official even tried to normalise the issue by trying to divert attention to the tragic deaths on the Mumbai-Goa Highway, stating that "they" (Indians) are not speaking of it "the way we are".

Furthermore, a Bangladeshi polition confessed to beating children on national television.

There is currently a Reddit Live thread covering the issue as information keeps surfacing.

The government is desparate to shush this down. Communication black-outs have also commenced, with the government blocking mobile internet access for (currently) 24 hours. Internet speed has been slowed down to 1.28 kb/ps, according to sources.

A Redditor from Bangladesh has compiled and uploaded a lot of evidence and footage, which the government is currently trying to take down. They have already taken down YouTube videos and posts across social media. I urge you to please download and spread this information AS FAR AND WIDE AS POSSIBLE.

Click here to view the evidence

One would assume that the government would be on the side of the students. But no, as history has proven, totalitarians and dictators will do everything in their power to ensure the masses know that THEY cannot bring change; that it can only come from the top, or not at all.

This is the reality we live in.

They are trying to silence these children.

Don't let them.



Edit: Since I wrote this in the middle of the night, whilst having a full-blown panic attack, it wasn't very cohesive. I've gone back and edited it slightly to make more sense.